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    Qutbul Madar

    Chief Sajjada Nasheen Khanqahe Madariya Makanpur

    Sadrul Mashaikh Syed Mujeebul baqi Madari

    Madar road, Araul, Makanpur,
    Uttar Pradesh 209202

    Phone: 91 983 836 0930


    How to Reach:   From Kanpur Airport Makanpur Sharif is 85 KM. From Araul Makanpur railway station it is 5.4 KM. It is only 350 m from Makanpur bus stand. Private vehicles are recommended though Govt. and private buses are frequently available.,
    Nearest City : Kanpur,   Bus Stop : Makanpur,   Airport : Kanpur Airport,   Railway Station :Araul Makanpur
    Contact Person Name :   Zafar Muzeeb
    Contact Person Phone:   +91- 9838360930