Qutbul Madar

Qutbul Madar Journey and History

Hazrat Sayyed Badiuddin Ahmad Shah Madar

Qutbul Madar is such a shining sun in vilayat that its right has illuminated the hearts, minds and souls of the Muslims in Asia and Europe. The rays of this sun have not only enlightened the Indian subcontinent but also the Khanqahs (Hospices) and Madarsas (Schools) of Europe and Africa. The expert historians and biographers are well aware about the personage and life of Qutbul Madar Sayyed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar (May God be pleased with him).
It is very difficult for a person to write about all the aspects and traits of a pious life of five hundred and ninety six years. It would certainly be a good fortune and happiness for me to include myself in the list of biographers by writing a brief biography of Shaikh Madar. To achieve this good fortune and happiness the life-sketch of Qutbul Madar is being presecuted.

Name                       :          Badiuddin Ahmed
Famous Titles        :          Shah Madar, Zinda Shah Madar,
Shaikh Madar, Qutbul Madar,
Madarul Alameen, Zinda Pir,
Zinda Vali, Madar-e-Azam,
Sar giroh-e-Ahle Tabaqat,
Pir Zinda Madar etc.
Among the Sufis     :        He is remembered as Zindan-e-Suf and Abdullah.

Titles given to Shaikh Madar

He was born on 1st Shawwal 242 A.H. in the city of Halab (Syria). It was Monday and the festival of  Eid. The noble birth had enlightened the house of his father Sayyed Ali Halabi.The root for his date of birth comes with ‘Saheb-e-Alam’ (242 A.H.)

Basharat(Happy Dreams) – before birth

The author of Najmul Huda Qutbul Wara narrates that when the moon of the month of Moharram 242 A.H. appeared, then Shaikh’s mother Bibi Fatima Sania saw in a dream that a sun is rising in her courtyard and soon all of a sudden it starts shining brightly. It rays spread to near and far places. His father Qazi Sayyed Ali Halabi dreams that the Prophet Mohammad has manifested himself and guiding him in his dream” O Ali soon Allah would bestow you a noble and obedient son who would be a famous grate vali of his age and he would be famed as Badiuddin. On that very night the light of a Shaikh’s life had entered into the abdomen of Fatima Sania from Sayyed Ali Halabi.

Karamat (Miracles) at the time of birth:
Shaikh’s mother relates that special blessings were sought at the time of his birth. The voices of “Allah” were being heard from all sides. The newborn put his head down in  Sajda  (prostration) and thanked Allah just after the birth and he gave testimony about Kalma-e-Taiyyaba in an eloquent Language.

Shaikh’s Genealogy (Nasab Nama):
He is an Hasani-Husaini Sayyed. From his father’s descent he is Husaini and from his mother’s side he is a Hasani.

Shaikh’s Genealogy from father’s side:
Sayyed Badiuddin s/o Qazi Sayyed Qudwatuddin Ali Halabi S/o Sayyed Bahahuddin S/o Sayyed Zaheer-uddin Ahmed S/o Sayyed Ismaeel Sani S/o Sayyed Mohammad S/o Sayyed Ismaeel S/o Sayyed Imam Jafar Sadiq S/o Sayyed Imam Mohammad Baqar S/o Sayyed Imam Zainul Abedin Ali S/o Sayyedus Shohda Imam Husain Shaheed Karbala S/o Maula-e-Kaihat Sayyed Ali Murtuza Karamallah Wajahul Karim Wa Rizwanullah Tala Alaihim Ajmaeen.

Shaikh’s Genealogy from mother’s side:
Sayyed Badiuddin Ahmed S/o Sayyeda Fatima Sania-famous as Bibi Hajra Tabrezia D/o Sayyed Abdullah S/o Sayyed Mohammad Zahid S/o Sayyed Abu Mohammad Abid S/o Sayyed Saleh Mohammad S/o Sayyed Abi Yusuf Abdullah S/o Sayyed Abdullah Abul Qasim S/o Sayyed Abdullah Mahez Sayyed Hasan Musna S/o Sayyed Imam Hasan S/o Maula Ali Haider Karar Raziallahu Tala Anhum Ajmaeen.

Tradition of Bismillah Khwani:
At the time when Shaikh Madar attained the age of four years, four months and four days his father entrusted him to the renowned theologian of the time Allama Sadeeduddin Huzaifa Mar’ashi Shami for education and training. The respected teacher started education with Bismillah Hirrahman Irrahim and he was a fully amazed to see his intellect and gifted talent. On seeing his exceptional abilities the teacher expressed Haza vali Allah, HazaVahi Allah (This boy is Allah’s vali, He is Allah’s vali). Shaikh Madar excelled in Quran, Hadees, Commentary Jurisprudence and religious sciences at a tender age of fourteen years.

The prophet Khizr adorned him with Ilme-Laduni. Among the sciences of the prophets he learnt about the rare sciences like Kimiya, Simiya, Rimiya and Heemiya.

Shaikh Madar at the Court of Sultanat Arefin (Shaikh Bayazid Bustani):
When Shaikh Qutbul Madar accomplished himself in Ulum-e-Zahera (The Science of knowing outward qualities) after that he learnt about Ulum-e-Batin (The Science of knowing inward qualities). His father permitted him and he gave Khilafat of his ancestral Silsila Jafaria Husainia to him. One night Shaikh Madar saw in a dream that pilgrims are gathered at the place of Arafat. He became very impatient at the sight of this marvelous spectacle and wished to pay a religious visit to the holy Mecca and Madina. He restlessly passed whole night and came to seek permission to visit Mecca and Madina from his father in the morning. He moved on feet after seeking permission. On the way he was busy at a place in prayer then an angel gave him a happy news that you are awaited at Jerusalem. You please be there Shaikh Madar made a move from this place to Jerusalem, Sultanul Arefin Bayazidi Bustami  (May God be pleased with him) was waiting for him there. The moment Sultanul Arefin had a look at Shaikh Madar-he kept seeing him for quite sometime and at last embraced him as a separated soul was meeting after a long time. Hazrat Bayazid honoured at Shaikh Madar by doing bait and also bestowed upon him hisKhilafat and Nisbats of Taifurya Siddiqiya. Shaikh Madar spent a long time in training with Sultanul Arefin and under his guidance he completed the stages of mysticism with the permission of his master he left to Mecca and Madina and performed Haj (pilgrimage) at holy Mecca. He intended to go to Madina after completing duties of Haj and on reaching the prophet Mohammad’s place he visited sacred rights and Gumbad-e-Khizra Shaikh Madar was exalted with these holy visits.

One night Shaikh Madar was busy in prayer close to the tomb of the Prophet Mohammad. He was the most fortunate that the Prophet Mohammad manifested himself and bestowed and increased rewards for him. The Prophet having entrusted him to Hazrat Ali for further education and training ordered that O Ali take this son of yours and bring him back to me after adorning him with the knowledge of devine matters and truths. The Prophet also commanded the holy spirit of Hazrat Imam Mehdi to train this young one in Spirituality. Obeying the orders the holy spirit of Hazrat Imam Mehdi started spiritual training and taught him the books like Samaviya Taurait, Zubur, Injeel and Quran. After making him the most perfect he presented him to Hazrat Ali and said now this young has been able to guide. Hazrat Ali accomplished Hazrat Madar with spiritual training and took him in the presence of the Prophet Mohammad. The Prophet showered more special blessings on him and familiarize him with true Islam. The Prophet ordered “O Badiuddin. How get ready to march and spread Allah’s Kalima in Hindustan by preaching Islam lighten the hearts of Indian people with the light of Tauheed and Lighten the lamp with the light of Wahidat”. Familarize the inhabitants of that country with the essence of Islam and Iman. I am feeling smell of Iman from Hindustan.

With the Prophet’s permission and having faith in Allah Shaikh Badiuddin decided to travel to India without any sufficient goods. He used to be on fast the whole day and in the evening two breads were received from Ghaib (invisibility) of which he ate and gave the other in alms. He came to the shores of Jaddah traveling through in sacred city of Hejaz and different parts of Arab. He boarded a ship which was heading towards India.

On board he endeavoured to educate the fellow travelers about believing in one God and conveyed to them the Kalima-e-Haq Lallaha Illallah Mohammadur RasulAllah. Since the travelers on board were infidels, the light of Wahidat could not affect their hearts and all of them refused to believe in Allah.Sarkar Madar Pak’s heart was severally pained with this attitude of fellow travelers. Allah Tala could not see the inflicted heart of his beloved vali and with Allah’s will and anger there occurred a huge storm in the sea. The ship drawened in water after being torn into pieces. There appeared a plank sheikh Madar sat on it and reached 282 hijri Khambat in Gujarat with the help of Allah.

The Shaikh’s condition had worsened due to appetite and thirst and his clothes became untidy with the salty water of the sea. He prayed O Allah do something that I would not feel thirst and appetite and my clothes would not get dirty. The prayer was granted by Allah. A practitioner calls Badiuddin please come with me, you are awaited. The same call was repeated three times. He looked everywhere but in caller was not seen. The Shaikh addressed to the proclaimer, O Caller please appear before me”. His eyes witnessed that a Prophet Khizir had appeared before him. He says that Badiuddin please come with me to the land of Khambat. That place is still famous as Chillahigah of the Prophet Khizr andChillahgah of the Prophet Khizr and Chillahgah of Sayyed Badiuddin Shah Madar.

Shaikh Madar moved to a specific place with the Prophet Khizr. He sees that specific place with theProphet Khizr. He sees that adjacent to the sea there is a canal. He went down the canal and on crossing it reached to a beautiful garden. There was a magnificent palace in the garden and in the courtyard of the palace in a lightening and studded throne was spread on which the Prophet Mohammad was sitting. The Shaikh was presented in the service of the Prophet Mohammad and in the presence of his noble ancestors the Shaikh was receiving Mohammadia and Ahmadia rewards. He was being bestowed special degrees and posts. The Prophet Mohammad clothed him a dress with his own holy hands and fed him nine mouthful of meals from the kingdom of heavan.

Hazrat Ghulam Ali Farooqi Naq Shbawdi Mujadadi Dehlavi writes in Durrul Mua’rif that after this Shaikh Madar obtained Maqam-e-Samadiyat (Eternal Position). From now on he neither felt thirst nor appetite and the same dress was enough for him for the whole of his life. Neither it got dirty nor it got old. The Prophet Mohammad performed Masah on his face with his own hands and now his face became so illuminating that it was not possible for a person to confront him. The one who see him remembers Allah and falls down faintly in Sajda That is why Shaikh Madar used to veil his face.

Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Haque Mohaddis Dehlavi narrates in Akhbarul Akhyar Fi Asrarul Abrar that whosoever looked at the beauty of his face fell down in Sajda and why such a thing should not happen as it is very famous that Vahi is the one to whome a person sees and remembers Allah after seeing him. It is related by Hazrat Sahabia Asma daughter of Yazid in the famous book on hadees Ibu Maja andTibrani that the Prophet Mohammad said should I not tell you about those who are the best amongst you? Who are they? The companions requested “O Allah’s messenger do tell us”, then the Prophet said the best away you are those to whom you see and remember Allah. The Prophet told a complete commentary of this holy Hadees to Shaikh Madar. His auspicious into a shining star. He put his forehead down into Sajda to thank in Prophet and as he took his head back from Sajda, he found himself alone there. Either it was Arsh (the throne of God) on which the Prophet had manifested himself a little while ago or they were the presents which were being to him by the Prophet. Now the highest positions and dignitcs had been bestowed upon him and preaching of Islam was made compulsory for him.