“Full Ghilaaf” is a sacred tradition observed at the Qutbul Madar Dargah in Makanpur, where devotees undertake the reverential act of replacing the entire cloth covering, or ghilaaf, of the saint’s tomb with a new one. This ceremonial practice holds profound significance for believers, symbolizing renewal, reverence, and a deep spiritual connection with the saint and the divine.

The tradition of Full Ghilaaf is steeped in centuries-old customs and rituals, passed down through generations of devotees who hold the saint in high esteem. As part of this solemn ceremony, devotees gather at the dargah with the intention of offering a fresh ghilaaf as a mark of devotion and gratitude to the saint.

The process of Full Ghilaaf typically begins with the removal of the existing cloth covering from the saint’s tomb, which is done with the utmost care and reverence. The old ghilaaf, worn and weathered from the passage of time, is respectfully removed and set aside, making way for the installation of the new one.

The new ghilaaf, often intricately designed and adorned with rich fabrics, embroidery, and sacred symbols, is then carefully draped over the saint’s tomb. This act of covering the tomb with a fresh cloth is symbolic of the devotee’s desire to honor and protect the sacred resting place of the saint, while also renewing their commitment to the principles and teachings embodied by the saint.

The ceremony of Full Ghilaaf is accompanied by prayers, hymns, and recitations from holy texts, creating an atmosphere of reverence and devotion at the dargah. Devotees participate in the ceremony with hearts filled with faith and reverence, seeking the blessings and intercession of the saint for themselves and their loved ones.

The act of offering a Full Ghilaaf is not merely a ritualistic practice; it is a deeply spiritual experience that fosters a sense of connection and communion with the divine. It is a gesture of humility and devotion, acknowledging the saint’s exalted status and expressing gratitude for the blessings and guidance received through their intercession.

Participating in Full Ghilaaf is a deeply meaningful and spiritually enriching experience for devotees, as it allows them to express their love, reverence, and devotion to the saint in a tangible and profound way. It is a tradition that strengthens the bond between the devotee and the saint, reaffirming their faith and commitment to the spiritual path laid out by the saint.

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