A pleasant sight of old Khanqahi traditions accomplished at Makanpur.Accession of Sajjada Nashin, Arrival of boat, acts of religions enthusiasts and seat of Sajjada Nashins.

Makanpur, the enlightened place, is that very habitation which was purified by the pious feet of Madar Park (May his grave be hollowed) in 818 A.H. And he made the place Qibla-e-Hajat (who or what is looked to for the attainment of one’s wants) for Muslims. It is due to the essence of Shaikh Qutbul Madar’s feet that every house of this sanctified Basti is a training centre for Muslim and orbit of faith in their hearts. Who so ever has studied the in clear history we knows that when ever Indian Sultans and Amirs faced any problems them they came to this holy tomb. According to a narrative in Safinatul Aulia, about four centuries ago too, an amount of five lakh people used to gather at this sacred mausoleum despite their lack of resource and means. And today too, after so many centuries, people from all walks of life come to pay holy visit to this tomb. The beauty of Khanqahi management and its rules and requlations are an example in its own.

Through Zinda Shah Madar’s  Urs begins on 6th Jumada Awwal with gul poshi on his tomb but a complete Urs celebrations start from 15, 16 and 17 Jumada Awwal. According to an ancient tradition on 16 and 17 Jumada Awwal the actual and hereditary Sajjada Nashins and Takht Nashins of Zinda Shah Madar’s Khanqah enthrone themselves on Takht-e-Sajjadagi in the Khanqah. But in modern times there is a common sorry state of affairs in all the Khanqahs and religions centres that for mere false fame and money many illiterate people assume such titles and ranks for which they are not rightful owner and they do uat deserve this at all. In such a situation it is difficult for the people to identify the true  rightful owner. They have become so  greedy that they do not even feet that they are dishonouring these preligious titles and ranks. They continuously keep defaming these titles and ranks.

Anyway, I was saying that on the auspicious dates of 16 and 17 Jumada Awwal the actual and here dietary Sajjada Nashins of Zinda Shah Madar’s Khanqah sits on Takht-e-Sajjadagi and at this time many rank holders among the Pirzadas of the Khanqah are present there with their responsibilities. This spectacle is truly amazing. The customs and traditions of Sajjada Nashins  remind the dates in the presence of Sajjada Nashins remind the Muslims some very special points which were uttered by the holy tongue of the Prophet about 1400 years ago. It can be understood in this way that when Sajjada Nashin sits on Takht-e-Sajjadagi, then a boat in brought before him by the Shaikhs in a splendorous manner. In this pious boat the holy Quran is kept and this boat is kept close to the seated Sajjada Nashin in a special way. A multitude of believers is a witness to this glorious spectacle. By this sacred act many centuries earlier religious men and perfect valis wished to give a massage to Muslims that  Prophet Mohammad holding the door of Ka’aba Sharif addressed to his worthy Sahabi and guided that “Undoubtedly the example of my ahl-e-bait amoung you is like the boat of Prophet Nuh who so ever boarded this was saved and the one who remained was perished”.

Despite this about four months before his death the Prophet addressing thousands of his Sahaba at Maidan-e-Arafat had guided that I leave two things with you, if you would keep holding them you will not be diverted. Each and every thing of these things is better than the other things. The first one is the book of Allah “Quran” which is a long enlightened rope from earth to heaven and second is my family, my ahl-e-bait. These two will never get separated from each other and even they would come to me at Hauz-e-Kausar. So, you consider what treatment you keep with them after me.

In the first Hadees the Prophet has given example of his Ahle-Bait through the boat of the Prophet Nuh and in second Hadees he was guided that I one leaving two things with you for your instruction – Quran and my own family. Thus, in both the two discourses the Prophet-Mohammad was urged the Muslim to get attached to the holy Quran and his family. These are two important things to attain Salvatim and the Prophet was stressed Muslim to be attached with these two things. In the light of these Ahadees in 812 A.H. Hazrat Sayyedna Jaw Min Jauti, presenting a clear picture and example of the essence of words that came from the Prophet’s tongue in the form of a boat, and keeping a copy of holy Quran in it and presenting it in the presence of Sayyed Badihuddin Ahmed Qutbul Hader Zinda Shah, he (Sayyedna Jau Min Janti) tried to convince Muslim. And in that very manner the boat and the holy Quran was kept close to Madar Pak for a long period of time.

After the death of Hazrat Qutbul Madar his heir (Janasheen) and Sajjada Nasheen Hazrat Sayyedna Khwaja Sayyed Abu Mohammad Arghun Madari (May his grave be hollowed) sat on Takht-e-Sajjadagi then the Khalifa of Huzur Qutbul Madar, Sayyedna Sayyed Jamaluddin Jau Man Janti, keeping that boat and the holy Quran in front of Huzur Sayyedna Khwaja Sayyed Abu Mohammad Arghun Madari, gave this massage to Muslim that “O! Muslims the plans personality who is enthroned before you on Takht-e-Sajjadagi is the descendant of the Prophet Mohammad”, and in the words of the Prophet an example Hazrat Nuh’s boat. And in this imaginary boat a holy Quran is kept in front of him. So, today in an example of Hazrat Nuh’s boat the descendant of the Prophet is present before you on Takht-e-Sajjadagi. The book of Allah ‘Quran’ is also present in front of him. Now if you want to attain salvation and instruction then make no delay to associate yourself with him your success lies in that you come forward and hold his pious lap and attach yourself with him so that on the day of Judgment you will not be ashamed in front of Ahle-mahshar.

It is a different thing if the Muslim are prey to imprudence otherwise the valis of the Khanqah-e-Madaria have been continuously proclaiming this with care for about six hundred years. History tells us when Hazrat Qutbul Madar went for Haj to the socred city of Hejaz for the last time, on return the brought with him to India three sons of Hazrat Abdullah, who was among the tenth generation of this real brother Hazrat Sayyedna Mehmududdin. Among all the three sons who came with Shaikh the eldest one is Shaikhul Sheyukh Huzur Sayyedna Khwaja Sayyed Abu Mohammad Arghun then Hazrat Khwwaja Sayyed Abu Turrab after him Huzur Sayyed Khwaja Sayyed Abul Hasan Taifur. Hazrat Zinda Shah Madar made these three noble beings his spiritual sons and even before his death he tied the Dastar-e-Khilafat on the head of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Mohammad Arghun who ever the eldest among these three. He made him Janasheer but his complete Rasm-e-Janasheeni was electorated after the death of Hazrat Qutbul Madar. Today too all the Sayyeds of Makanpur Sharif follow the path shown by Hazrat Qutbul Madar. And whenever any of the Sayyeds of Makanpur dies then Dastar-e-Janashini is tied to his eldest Son if he is wise and not attached to worldly things. This tradition is bestowed by Huzur Qutbul Madar.

Among all his three spiritual sons his eldest son Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abu Mohammad was made Sajjada Nashin by Qutbul Madar so, following the footsteps of Hazrat Shaikh Madar Hazrat Arghun appointed his Janasheen to his eldest son Hazrat Sayyedna Khwaja Sayyed Abul Faiz Arghun. In this manner after Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Arghun the Sajjadagi of Khanqah-e-Hazrat Shah Madar, Makanpur Sharif was given to Hazrat Sayyed Abul Faiz and Hazrat Abul Faiz praelising this here dietary tradition appointed his eldest son Hazrat Khwaja Fazlullah Arghun Madari as his Janasheen. Similarly the honour was given to Hazrat Khwaja Sayyedi had Darbari Arghuni the eledest son of Hazrat Fazlullah. After sayyed had Darbari his eldest son Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abdul Rahim, a great and a very famous personality, sat on Madarian throne. He is known as a very dignified and famous person of Madari silsila. He is among the famous personalities of the eleventh country. The elders of Makanpur relate a narrative about him and even today they say that in the reign of Sultan Jalaluddin Akbar some people came to Makanpur from Kasoor and with the help of some rank holders in the government they forcibly tired to enthrone themselves on Masnad-e-Madaria. Despite so much persuation by the elders of Makanpur and even by showing severely they kept their central over Khanqah. Those days the actual Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Zinda Shah Madar was Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abdur Rahim Arghuni and incidently in those days he had gone to a far district for the propagation of faith when some responsible people of the exalted family saw this insurrection from Kasoors then they at once sent a messenger to Hazrat Abdur Rahim he asked about all the circumstances and situations from the messenger and left for Makanpur. On reaching Makanpur he first of all paid a visit to the holy mausaleum of Hazrat Qatbul Madar. Many elders of the family had surrounded him by the time he finished his visit. They told him about the rebellion of Kasoors. Though the Kasoors had got an information about the arrival of herestitary Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Madari but they kept sitting in the Khanqah as used. After wearing all the details Hazrat Abdur Rahim came to these people. He asked in Madari anger to the head of Kasoors “How do you get the right to sit on Masnad-e-Sajjadagi in this Khanqah?”. This person gave the same answer which he had given to other elders that I am from the generation of Hazrat Sajjad Abul Hasan, famous as Meethe Madar and Hazrat Shah Madar had fixed Hazrat Meethe Madar as his real son. Thus, Sajjadagis right of this Khanqah reaches to me. Hazrat Shah Sayyed Abdur Rahim said if you are in rightful owner of Sajjadgi Khanqah-e-Meethe Madar Kasoori. All started trembling on hearing these words from Hazrat Sayyed Abdur Rahim and they were seeing him with utmost surprize. Noor-e-vilayat was apparent in his eyes.

He threw these people out along with their head. He himself sat on the hereditary seat of the exalted Khanqah-e-Madaria. These people could not tolerate such daring by actual Sajjada Nashin of Sajjedna Qutbul Madar and taking help of some rank holder in the government, they presented a case against him in the court of Sultan Jalaluddin Akbar. Sultan Jalaluddin Akbar at the instigation of some chiefs, wrote the Sajjadagi of the holy Khanqah of Makanpur in the name of Kasoors. He sent a royal Farman to the Zinda Shah Madar. Akbar wrote in this Farman that from today Kasoors are appointed as Sajjad Nashins of the exalted Khanqah of Makanpur. And from now on only the off spring of Sayyed Abul Hasan Meethe Madar Kasoori would be the Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Madaria of Makanpur. The Kasoor happily reached Khanqah-e-Madaria again with the order of Sultan Jalal Uddin Akbar. They presented this Farman to the real and hereditary Sajjada Nashin of the Khanqah Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abdur Rahim Arghuni. Since Hazrat Abdur Rahim had known about the content of the Farman through an inner eye.Sothe moment it was presented to him, he spat over it and said “against the order of my lord – Sayyedna Madarul Alameen Hazrat Qatbul Madar Hazrat Sayyed Badihuddin Ahmad Zinda Shah – I have no regard for Farman of any wordly sovereign. The moment he spat over this Farman he was chewing beetle leaf so the whole Farman became red on account of spit.

The Kasoors again reached Akbar’s court taking the royal Faman in that very condition. They said Alam Panah! That person did not obey the royal Farman and he even insulted it very badly. After saying this they presented the Faman to Akbar Shahansha Akbar was utterly furious at the right of such disgrace of the royal Farman. He at once ordered his soldiers to assets Hazrat Sayyed Abdur Rahim and present him in his special court. The Soldiers, obeying the royal orders, assested Hazrat Sayyed Abdur Rahim and brought him to the court. Akbar ordered to put this man to elephants’s cell, so that they would powder his bones and kill him. Following the orders the soldiers put him in elephants’s cell. But ever after passing 24 hours this, Shahzada of Qutbul Madar was seen busy in worship without being hurt. It was witnessed that all the elephants were licking the feet of this great person with their trunks. When Akbar got this news he ordered his soldiers to put him in lion cell. The soldiers obeyed this order too but as he reached the lions cell, the lions also did the same as elephants had done.

All the courtiers were seeing this spectacle just then there rose a roar in the royal palace that queen Joda Bai was an acute stomach pain. All the experienced and most famous Hakims of Akbar’s court came and started treatment but the problem kept increasing and in a little while all the royal palace changed into a mourning place. Akbar also started feeling giddy. In the mean time a courtier came to Akbar and holding his hands to said Huzur! all this mishappening is occurring due to the malediction of that person who is trapped in the lion cell. That person seems to be a special personality otherwise what would have these lions and elephants done with him. So, it is better to release him and you apologize to him. It is a possibility that by doing this queen Joda Bai would get relief. Akbar liked words of this man very much and he at once ordered to release Shaikh from cell. He asked to bring him in his presence with dignity honour. When Shaikh came to him Akbar was very much ashamed and he apologized to him and asked Shaikh for blessing for his wife. Since the Shaikh belonged to the descent of the Prophet Mohammad he for gave him. The moment Shaikh for gave Akbar Joda Bai felt relief as nothing has happened to her. All the courtiers were surprised to see this amazing scene. Later on, Sultan Jalaluddin Akbar departed the Shaikh to Makanpur with his special servants presenting many beautiful gifts to him.

After this real and hereditary Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah-e-Madaria his eldest son Hazrat Khwaja Saiyyedna Khwaja Sayyed Muhibbullah Arghuni became heir of Khanqah-e-Madaria. After him this noble blessing was received by his eldest son Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abdul Ghafur Arghuni. After Hazrat Sayyedna Abdul Ghafur Arghuni this august post was held one after the other by Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Hakim Arghuni. Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Murad Ali Arghuni, Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Ghulam Ali Arghuni, Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Kamil Darbari Arghuni, Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Hafiz Mohammad Mian Arghuni, Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abdul Baqi Arghuni, Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Sardar Ali Arghuni and Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Mohammad Zafar Habib Arghuni. All the hereditary Sajjada Nashins of the holy Khanqah-e-Zinda Shah Madar were enthroned on Takht-e-Sajjadagi on 16 and 17 Jumada Awwal. Centuries after centuries, generations after generation that sacred boat was kept close to all these Shaikhs. And this message was being given to the following of the Prophet that the boat of Hazrat Nuh and the Holy Quran, the rope of enlightenment and instruction, both are gathered at this place. So, O! sons of the followers of the prophet there would not be a better time than this. Do not think anything, consider this a good fortune, come forward and attach yourself  to the personality sitting on the sacred throne. Praise be to God that in the third decade of fifteen century Hijri the sagacious, lover of Allah’s messenger, source of blessing, the chief of Shaikhs Hazrat Sayyedi Abu Zafar Sayyed Mohammad Mujeebul Baqi Arghuni Madari is enthroned on this illustrious post. On account of holding this auspicious and exalted post the honest and God fearing people call him Sajjada-e-A’zam, Sadr-e-Sajjada Nashin and Takht Nasheen. He is a real and hereditary Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Hazrat Qutbul Madar Sayyed Badihuddin Ahmed Zinda Shah Madar in present times. He is the head of all the groups of servants, Diwans, lovers and wellwishers of Silsila-e-Madaria. Because of this he is also called Sadrul Mushaikh and chief of Silsila-e-Madaria. He is representative and real Janasheen of Sayyedna Sarkar Zinda Shah Madar.

In this age of name and fame people are trying to show off themselves by using face tittles and ranks with their names but praise be to God that these sort of thoughts have not affected him. On 16 and 17 Jumada Awwal he sits on the auspicious throne of the Khanqah and all the hereditary customs and traditions are performed in his presence. This spectacle is so illuminating. The people are stunned to witness them. Iman gets refreshed. The magnificent feelings of Islam are awakened. The Malangs of all four groups, acting on his special gestures, take out blasphemy and aberration from the hearts of the people by performing religious acts (Shughl Dhamal). They bestow upon the heats of the people the purity of Islam and Iman.

When these picus Malungs get free with these sacred acts them Sajjada Nashin’s chief read a laud this quatrain:“The pitiful peoples world was been dashed the people have been aware of it May the lamps of Qutbul Madar be lighted Dhamal has been performed now more straight to chowk.”

After reciting this quatrain that sacred boat is carried to Deewangah Chowk. Sajjada Nashin accomplishes in his ancestral duties and tasks in the Sajjadagi Havel.

Later on those who are supposed to have ba’it they are made Murid and the most special Nisbat (relation) of Madari Silsila is confessed upon them. Then, the common Langer (food) is distributed among the people.

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