Qutb-ul-Madaar (Rehmat-ul-lahi alaihi) …………An Introduction

 “Zinda Shah Madaar”

Introduction: Hazrat Syed Badi-ud-din, also known as Qutb-ul-Madaar, is a prominent Sufi saint, whose knowledge illuminated not only the Muslim community of Asia and Africa but also enlightened the minds and hearts of all human beings. His eminent and unmatched personality which was prettified with abstinence and inviolability, purity of character and behaviour, exaltation of knowledge (marifat) and spirituality, prayer and devotion and above all follow up of revealed law (Shariat) and tradition of the Holy Prophet (sunnat), needs no foreword. Hazrat Syed Badi-ud-din lived for astounding 596 years. He was born in 242 Hijri as per Islamic calendar at Halab, Seria. Zinda Shah Madaar has visited many countries and has extensively preached Islam and the true message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Name: Badi-ud-din Ahmad

Titles: Shah Madaar, Zinda Shah Madaar, Zinda Madaar, Madaar-ul-Aalimeen, Qutb-ul-Madaar, Zinda Peer, Zinda Wali, Madaar-e-Aezam, Madaar Aalam, Peer Zinda Madaar.

Names entitled by followers: Zindan Souf and Abdullah.

Birth: Shah Madaar was born on 1st of Shiwal, 242, A.H.

Marvels before birth: The author of “Najmul Huda Qutbul wara” writes in his book that when the new moon of Muharram ul Haram in 242 A.H. appeared, the mother of Shah Madaar, Bibi Fatima had a dream in which she witnessed the sun rising in their yard and in the meantime the sun grew brighter and its dazzling rays glistened everything nearby. At the same time the father of Zinda Madaar also had a dream in which he saw Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) telling him that Allah will bestow him with a pious son who will be a great Wali of his time and will be famous by the name of Badi-ud-din. This was the night in which Shah Madaar was born.

Miracles at the time of birth:

The mother of Shah Madaar mentioned about the bewildering events that took place at the time of his birth. At the time of his birth, Allah’s praises were echoing from all around. When he took birth, he thanked Almighty Allah by offering a sajda.

Pedigree (Shajri-nasab):

  • Paternal:  Syed Baha-ud-din S/O Syed Zahir-ud-din S/O Syed Ismail Sani S/O Syed Imam Zain-ul-Abidin Ali S/O Syed-ul-Shahda-Imam Hussain Shaheedi Karbala S/O Moula Ali (Radi-allahu-ta’ala-ajmaeen)
  • Maternal: Syed Baha-ud-din S/O Syeda Fatima Saniya D/O Syed Abdullah S/O Syed Muhammad Zahid S/O Syed Abu Muhammad Aabid S/O Syed Syes Salih Muhammad S/O Syed Abi Yusuf Abdullah S/O Syed Abul Qasim Muhammad Nafsuz Zakiya S/O Syed Abdullah Amhaz S/O Syed Hassan Masna ibni Syed Imam Hassan S/O Moula Ali Haider (Radiya-allahu- taala- ajmaeen).

Bismillah Khani:

At the age of 4 years, 4 months and 4 days, his father sent him to an eminent personality, Allama Syed-ud-din Hazfiya Marashi for guidance. Allama Syed-ud-din started the teaching with Bismillah-hie-Rehman-nir-Rahim. His teacher has affirmed that Syed Madaar was very intelligent. At the age of fourteen, he got mastery over the philosophy of Quran, Ahadith, Fiqh, etc. He pursued the further knowledge from Hazrat Khazir (Alaihis salaam).

Guidance of Sulta-nul-Aarifeen: Madaar Paak spent a lot of time under the guidance of Sulta-nul-Aarifeen and got enlightened by his personal experiences. After seeking his permission Zinda Madaar visited the holy house of Allah and performed the Hajj. After the completion of Hajj, he went to Madina where he had the glimpse of sacred places and the shrine of Gumbad-e-Khazra.

One night while he was reciting Durood near Rawzie Taiyeba, he had a dream in which Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) advised him to seek more guidance from Hazrat Ali (RA). Hazrat Ali (RA) was told by Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to teach Shah Madaar the knowledge of truth and eternity and then present him before Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Imam Mehdi was ordered to give spiritual guidance to saintly soul who was in his infancy. Hazrat Mehdi taught him the teachings of Tourah, Zaboor, Injeel and the Holy Quran. He was then presented before Hazrat Ali (RA) and got spiritually uplifted. Hazrat Ali (RA) edified Madaar divinely and presented him before Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) gave him elite teachings and real perception of Islam. He was then ordered by the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) to prepare himself for a religious migration to India in order to spread the message of Allah and preach Islam to the people of India thereby lighting the candle of Tawheed in their hearts. He sought the permission of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and started his expedition to India. During his journey he would observe fast the whole day and in the evening two pieces of bread used to appear before him from Almighty Allah, from which he would eat one and give the other one in charity. After travelling through Hijaz muqadas and many other regions of Arab, he reached the coast of Jiddah, where he boarded a ship to India. He tried to preach the concept of oneness of God and spread the message of Allah to the people on board. As the people on the ship were nonbelievers they did not like the concept of oneness of God and embrace the path of righteousness. Madaar paak got disheartened by the cold response of the people.

A terrific storm followed his disappointment which hit the ship and wrecked it. The ship suffered huge damage and was broken into pieces. A throne appeared by the gentility of Almighty Allah which helped Madaar paak to reach Khambaat, Gujrat. He was thirsty and hungry and his clothes were torn. He prayed to Allah to bestow him the power to control his thirst and hunger. Meanwhile a voice appeared asking him to come with it. The voice further narrated that someone was waiting for him. The voice repeated itself three times. Madaar paak tried to locate the voice but could not find the person who was calling. While he was astonishingly looking for the caller, Hazrat Khawaja Khazir appeared before Shah Madaar soliciting him to follow.

This place in Khambaat is still famous by the names of “Chalagah Hazrat Khazir (AS)” and “Chalagah Zinda Badi-ud-Din”. With Hazrat Khazir (AS), he left for the righteous destination. While he was following Hazrat Khazir (AS) a miraculous episode took place. As he was going through the jungles he saw a cave which was colossal and with many doors. At each door there were guards who looked like angels. These angel-like guards wished Islamic greetings to Madaar Sahib as he passed by them. When Madaar sahib entered the cave, he got bewildered when he saw a throne in the middle that was glimmering with light and Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) was sitting on it. The Prophet ordered him to sit beside Him. The Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) told him that his prayers had been accepted by the Almighty Allah. At the same instance angels visited the place from the skies holding plates of food in their hands. From that Prophet hold a bowl of sweet rice and served nine bites to Madaar Sahib.

With each nibble Madaar Sahib got the ability to see through the sky and earth. The eternal powers got boosted up with every bite. It has been narrated by Ghulam Ali Farooqi Naqshbandi Dahalvi (RA) in his book “Dar-al-ma’aarif” that after this time Zinda Shah Madaar never felt hungry and thirsty. Then prophet dressed him with a gown, which then after never got mucky. The Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) gently rubbed His hands on Madaar Sahib’s face, by which his face began to glow amazingly. It is also said that no one was able to see his face with naked eyes as it had intensive light. His face used to make people remind of Allah. The one who tried to see him could not confront his blazing face and would bow down at the same time. This was the main reason that he used to cover his face. The same thing was related by Hazrat Muhaddis Abdul Haq Dahelvi while describing him as a great Wali of the times.

The glowing face is one of the signs of Wali as is clear from the very famous hadith books like “Ibn-e-Ma’ja” and “Tibrani”. It is narrated by Sahabiya namely Asma D/O Yazeed that Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) said to his companions, “Should not I tell you about the persons which are better than others”? The companions replied, “Off course our Prophet”. The Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon Him) then said, “Among all of you, better is the person whose face reminds you about the Almighty Allah”.

Shah Madaar bowed down his head to thank God and when he stood up, he found himself all alone. Prophet Muhammad had enriched him with the treasures of eternity and knowledge and set his duty to spread Islam.

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